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CEO of Ascend Academy,


"Ascend Academy is dedicated to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment that promotes feelings of belonging, accomplishment, and self-worth. We aim to deliver our services with compassion, creativity, and cutting-edge innovation, empowering members to thrive in their community and enjoy all it has to offer.


Our goal is to set a new standard for service delivery, prioritizing fun, personalization, and community engagement. We believe every individual deserves a life of purpose and fulfillment, and we're committed to supporting our members in reaching their full potential and living a life filled with joy, connection, and meaning."



Jodi Dougan

Our Program and Services
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Ascend Academy provides transportation for members to and from the day program and training programs. Members who are 18 years and older can set mature goals by learning new vocational skills and developing existing talents through personalized programs. Each member has their own program focus and individual progress plan. To help members achieve their individual goals, Ascend Academy offers various programs and services, including but not limited to:

• Arts & Crafts

• Life Skills Coaching

• Music / Singing

• Acting / Plays / Theatre

• Job Training / Job         Placement

• Cooking

• Exercise

• Story Time

• Meditation

• Sensory Support

• Writing

• Field Trips

• Family events

• Physical Education Programs

• Transportation

• Quiet Room

• Community Service

• Sports & Fun

• Gardening

• Social Skills Coaching

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