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Ascend Academy of Arizona offers
superior individualized programs for adults with developmental disabilities. Personal attention for each client is core to what we do. At the time of enrollment, prospective students undergo an initial personalized assessment. After the meeting, we create a detailed plan to ensure that the member's goals and needs are met.


CEO of Ascend Academy,

Ascend Academy’s ultimate goal is to provide a loving and healthy environment that generates feelings of inclusiveness, accomplishment, and self-worth. Our services will be provided in a fun, loving and nurturing way using all available modern innovations to prepare members to not only thrive in the environment around them, but to enjoy all their community has to offer.


Ascend Academy aspires to become an example of how services can be delivered to
members in a fun and individualized way that promotes access to the community in terms of leisure and vocational opportunities; i.e., leisure day trips for enjoyment, but also meaningful training & internships that lead to vocational opportunities. As Ascend’s CEO I believe that every person should enjoy a life with purpose and members should
be enabled to reach their maximum potential. 


Jodi Dougan

Our Program and Services
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Ascend Academy will offer members transportation to & from the day program and training programs. Ascend will offer its 18 and older Members the opportunity to create mature goals by learning new vocational skills, as well as, develop existing talents via individualized programs. Each Member will have their own program focus and individual progress plan. In furtherance of Members individual goals, Ascend Academy will offer a variety of programs and services, including, but not limited to:

• Arts & Crafts

• Life Skills Coaching

• Music / Singing

• Acting / Plays / Theatre

• Job Training / Job placement

• Cooking

• Social Skills Coaching

• Exercise

• Story Time

• Meditation

• Sensory Support

• Writing

• Field Trips

• Family events

• Physical Education Programs

• Transportation

• Quiet Room

• Community Service

• Sports & Fun

• Gardening


Jodi Dougan, CEO  

​Phone: 602-688-9862 


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January 2021

We are now accepting new applicants, and the day program is open. 

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